Monday, April 30, 2007

Aging fast

It is 8:00am. I haven't slept yet. At this rate I would be a 23 year old raisin face in no time =/

Well I have to blame on Justin. We were chatting and came up. After his experience with it, I was a bit intrigued well mostly bored. I came back from the coffee run with M and thought about the thing. Video game friend wasn't online and it was only 1:00am. So I went to and checked it out. Went to the chatroom. I think I have been to chatroom 3 times in my life for any kind of reason not just the gay ones. I never liked it because ... it just feels strange. The first five minutes in didn't help. I was swarmed by private chats that promote personal webcam services. So I asked in the public channel if there were any sane people who just wanted to chat. A guy named Comet411 came up and we started chatting. This is what got REALLY CREEPY. It turned out that I do not only know this guy but also taking the same god damn class together this semester. A.W.K.W.A.R.D. I didn't like him in particular and people around me in that class didn't like him. I think he thought that he was pretty masculine however many people I knew mentioned that they kinda thought he was gay. lol... See, other's perception of you does differ from what you think about yourself.

So that was that. Weird, awkward, but kinda funny. He was pissed that he couldn't figure out who I was. He was so certain that he knew but when he asked me if I am Alex, I was laughing my ass off. oh well.

Then, I chatted with another guy, whatever. But the last one I chatted named J. J also goes to USC. Hm.. the world is indeed too small. J looked cute and I found him on facebook and yes he still looked cute there haha. He looked a bit pale in those pictures but still cute. We talked a bit. It was kinda forced conversation in the beginning by me eventually we exchanged aim and right about when I was ready to call it the night he started to be more active. So we proceeded to exchange picture. I gave him one of my pix that I took in my sad little bathroom. Looking all alert and shit. He said cute. I am like hmmm maybe in that picture lol... Anyways, we then exchanged number and made plan for Monday night. Dinner or Hookah I don't know exactly what yet. I texted him my # right after he gave me his and then about 10 mins later he actually called. I liked his voice too. Besides he is tall. 6'5''. It is pretty hard to find a person I am pretty attracted to and attainable and taller than I am...

This is really bizarre considering I have never had a date with a guy before. Fucked? yes, Date? no. Especially considering how I got it. It is so random. Maybe it is just harmless thing. But I still do consider it as a date. One reason being we talked about hooking up, and he said that he met people on to just chat then proceeded to have coffee and dinner and sometimes they did hook up. Pretty much that means hooking up with a standard. So this is no different. Second he kept asking me for more pictures and said we should definitely hang out and of course it'd be better if he could know how I looked more before we do. OH well. I am not having ANY expectations whatsoever. As far as I concern, the whole dinner thing could be extremely awkward. But I just think it is so interesting that how many things can happen just from one click away when I am bored. Yeap, life happens.


jay said...

Uh, First dates are always awkward. Dinner is a date. I hope it goes well. No expectations generally mean no disappointment or it can mean unexpected joy as well.

BTW: Pittsburgh is definitely NOT super gay, QAF was filmed in Toronto lol. But its still a cool and accepting city. There's just no gay neighborhood exactly to call our own but we're everywhere. (Apparently)

Hamilton said...

well the dinner went. Wasn't too awkward but I guess the fucking chemistry wasn't there. So after dinner I came home right away, no fool around or anything. So that is that. beh -_-