Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The "Nappy-head hos" Comment

Well, I am sure a lot of you have read the news article regarding Imus calling the entire women basketball team a bunch of "Nappy-head Hos". I mean how can you miss this article. It is literally on the front page of every print news media. Unless you really do not care what is going on at all. I think apathetic is the worst way of living. These people might just as well be made into dog food. Doggies probably don't eevn want to eat it because even dogs have a principle of taste.

In our strategy class today we talked about it. Of course from a strategic point of view. As leaders, or public figures we need to think our way through. Like the head coach of Colorado football team said "she wasn't a good kicker anyway" when a female kicker sued the team for alleged group rape. Also the strategy that parent company of the media is using in this crisis. They announced that he was suspended for two weeks. We call it a "strategic option strategy". Basically it gives the room for the parent company to respond. If the ratings aren't suffering much and sponsors are not massively pulling out from Imus' radio show, then he would do the entire apologize kind of thing and possibly meet with the team etc to seek redemption. If the the situation grows grim every minute then they will fire his ass to prove that the corporation has "no tolerance" on such bigotry. Right... Either way we see that as strategist that our job is to make the ice cold capitalist thrive and make the best plays in the world possible for the sake of profits.

Yada Yada Yada.

I wasn't too concerned about the strategy part. I am just still in disbelieve that only in America, bigotry is celebrated and tolerated when we are the ONLY ONE WHO PROMOTES ZEALOUSLY ABOUT TOLERANCE. I mean if you are in the motherfucking Iraq, then by all means, stfu before your head is chopped off because that is how it's been and it is not wise to challenge for principles when the entire culture condemns whatever the principle that you are seeking. In a sick way, it is honest, brutal, and equal for what it is given there. But in America, the Christian rights cry for tolerance one hand and prays that gays would go to hell and tormented for eternity that anything that is not said to be in the Christ's way is the wrong way of living.

I don't mean to pick on Christians. Any ORGANIZED religion group is just as bogus and evil as one organization can be. I used Christians as a reference to make a point since it seems that that is the God that Bush is talking to when he decided to surge another 20k men overseas. I hope whoever the fuck he is talking to is answering him in some way.

Back to the media crisis. If his ancient, sexist, racist ass that has been offending people over the past DECADES is not even enough to get fired him IMMEDIATELY, what does it take nowadays?

Isaac Washington called T.R. Knight a faggot and brought it up as a party cheer slogan at the Emmy's. ABC didn't fire him. This is a serious slap in the face for the gays because ABC's parent company the great Walt Disney Company prides itself for family values and tolerance for all. Their management team has gays from bottoms up. It is beyond my disbelief that they spun it off for a rehab stint. Spare me the humor. If Americans can get any more self righteous and hypocritical, I really don't think it matters much who the next President is. If the President is good, then he will listen to the people who aren't apathetic, which means gay rights, marriage, stem cell research, peace, and human rights would be everything but the primary concerns of an average American citizen nowadays. If the President is bad, he would just do whatever the fuck he/she wants, and Americans apparently have a very weak spot for bad Presidents. I mean, omg we need to impeach Bill Clinton because he got his dick sucked by an intern. But Bush needs to sit there pretty when the world is literally shaken and nuclear proliferation is just another big leap closer to become reality.

People take bride in the word of Americans, but who are the Americans nowadays? NO ONE. Americans have become a theory, a principle, and an organized religion group that is running the show for the world. Americans consists ALL COLORS , ALL GENDERS, ALL RELIGION BACKGROUND, and ALL SEXUAL ORIENTATION. You do not find this kind of combination elsewhere in the world. It is a mini world that directly reflect how the real world is playing out. It is not a pretty picture. That being said, for people who live in Americans, they should at least try to live up to what they are preaching. Give children universal health care, get rid of the evil unions, let the capitalist sing and with a government that truly tolerate and do things that are good for its people. Prosperity, wealth, and peace are really not that far away.


D-Man said...

A righteous rant. I like it :) And we impeached Clinton over lying about a blow job? Huh?

Anonymous said...

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