Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

What a lovely movie this is.  I knew I would like but it did exceed my expectation. 

I love a movie that simple tells you a story.  A story that is dreamy yet realistic, full of human emotion and idealism.  I guess idealism cannot be quite be objective, but the presentation of human events can evoke different idealism for different individuals, so I think the objectivity of storytelling is really important.  I HATE when any media that shovels down ideas in my throat, unless it is a beautiful cock and that is beyond the point. 

The pace was fast yet at ease and it brought up a lot of concepts, ideas and emotions that we can sincerely relate to throughout the movie.  At times you tend to conclude what this movie was trying to emphasize in certain stage of the movie, but as the story went on, it steered the direction for the audiences.  Also the Spanish music in the background made it that much more dreamy and surreal.  Overall color scheme was this matured yellow and green with occasional passionate red and the stark contrast of black and white here and there.  

I was wondering what the movie was all about while watching it.  Is romance only sustained upon struggle and imbalance, or is love a dying cause when human being become structured.  Like what Julie in the movie said,  I love him but I am just not in love with him for a very long time.  How does that feel?  I wonder.  Is that the essence of love or the biggest tragedy in the world.  If it is love, or what love eventually evolves into, then is love essentially the lead up to commitment.  And is that essentially what human relationship comes down to, a stuck feeling?  In the movie, Vicky and Cristina constantly ponder this question and they are really the same.  Like what the narrator said in the beginning, when it comes to love, they are just the opposite.  Vicky knew what ideal love was for her and what she deemed the final destiny for her whole life so that is what she went for.  Cristina only knew what she didn't want.  They both found love, one was a committal love and one was just simply passionately in love.  The movie didn't criticize which one was better because no matter how sure or how unsure each of them was, they both took a detour.  One found a temporary chaos on her to permanent structure whereas the other found temporary unconventional structure in her chaotic eternal search of love. 

However, the movie at the end, pulled back to its objectivity of things.  No matter how people tried to steer the course of lives, they still came back or move forward on the main road in their lives.  No matter how dreamy how romantic how ideal Barcelona was, it wasn't for them.  They were simply tourist to Spain, or just tourist to the idealism of different kinds of love in life.  They experienced, learned, matured, and moved on.  Maybe that is what this movie is really about.  But the detour was too beautiful to ignore or forget no matter how powerful the force of nature that life and destiny hold against every body.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Straight to bedroom is really that much better if you don't think about it afterward

I talked to this guy on and off for a while, and it's been on and off for a long time.  I really didn't think it was going anywhere for a while.  But today all of sudden, progress has been made in a very dramatic fashion.  I was checking my email and we talked back and forth email and then switched to text in the middle of the day and then before I knew it we decided to meet up after we both finishing workout.

I had a super long day.  Left work around 8:30 and started working out around 845, when I finished showering it was already 10:00 pm.  I really thought we wouldn't meet up anymore, but he was totally up for it.  So we bot drove to a tea place and got tea and talked.

I have to say it was kinda awkward here and there, and he did look a bit different from his picture but not in a bad way.  However, I don't know if I am super tired or I was just indifferent, I didn't feel any hot for this guy which is surprising because I really thought he was very doable.  He wasn't really too spontaneous on the conversation so I actually had to try to make topics happen.  We ended up talking quite a bit without that awkwardness anymore but I felt so blah afterward.  

Now I am thinking if we met on a Sunday afternoon at his house we would probably have done it and totally not gonna think about this afterward.  But I am looking for a bit more than that at this stage in my life and he totally wasn't.  So for me I guess that killed all the interest for me.  I think he told me that when I asked him, he either wasn't attracted to me and tried to send that message in a nicer way or he was just really want to fuck around.  If it is the latter I don't really think I want to go through that much trouble to schedule and have sex with him because I learned over time that sex is  really about quality not the quantity.  However, overall I think I was just really disappointed that he just wanted to fuck around and we both don't feel the hots for each other.  So after a courteous conversation of one hour, I called the night and left. 

I just think it is probably not smart to know anyone worthwhile on a4a, i know right, what an easy concept. Anyways nothing too exciting on the love side.


Sunday afternoon, my VP treated me dinner for my upcoming bday and we had dinner at Cafe La Bohem in West Hollywood.  It was such a lovely place I highly recommended it.

Also Mr. 8 and I talked again and he wanted to fuck last week but at the time he asked me to go to his place I was still at work. I know how sad right.  So hopefully we can do it again soon he is so good... Sigh he is on the same boat with that guy I met tonight though. But at least he is hot, super endowed and good at sex so it is totally worth it.