Friday, April 27, 2007

Fountain Run!!!

oh god, it is 1:00pm and I just woke up. I don't have a hangover but my hands are numb. I know it is weird but it is like my own body secret code. Whenever I am exhausted my hands will go numb in the morning.

Last night it was the Senior Fountain Run at USC. All seniors will came out, got piss drunk and ran from one fountain to another as celebration. There were about 30 some fountain all around the campus, so in order to complete the entire route, it was going to be quite a task. I invited Hester to come along with me because she didn't get to do it when she graduated. I knew it was gonna be super fun. Lucy said there was going to be a BBQ next to the parking structure PSX. Yeah it is weird because next to the parking structure there is a big on campus dorm for freshmen and in front of the parking structure there is a giant piece of green grass with BBQ equipment setup on it. I don't know why the school choose that place but whatever. It was convenient for us since it was so close to where we were going to start our run. Lucy originally said there was going to be just a couple of her friends. When I got there there was literally a small crowd. When we got closer, I realized that almost all the active speakers from my strategy class were there. D also showed up later on wearing crok shoes. Ok I thought it was fugly but I just wouldn't mind whatever that he chose to wear, still cute lol. Eric, the person who I mentioned before in one of my very early posts was the chef for the night. We said hi, and we both immediately recognized each other and I felt so embarrassed all of sudden again. He then proceeded to tell the story. Basically it was for a home coming game and I got shit faced so I pinched him down on the ground and almost kissed him. I wouldn't let him go for a long time and I almost got arrested for public intoxication. hmmm good times. I got to talk to a lot of the people who were in the class that I normally wouldn't. Everyone was so nice. Especially when we started to take Katel One shots without chaser, things got really interesting. It was a great place and great time to be there. Everyone was so happy but I could feel that it was a bitter sweet moment for everyone. People made lots toasts during the shots, and a lot of them dedicated to the professor which I think it was great. I also made one saying that 10 years from now, we would all become billionaires lol... Great toast isn't it.

Anyway, about 10:00pm people got restless. The "official" time for fountain run was 10:30pm. But apparently, a lot of people started their little group around 9:00pm. By 10, we didn't want to hold back anymore either. Hester, her friends, and I went to the 1.5 foot deep pool in front of our Leavy Library. Pool is decent size and usually water would be running and pouring out from certain openings around the pool to create a couple water curtains. It just looked very refreshing in the summer. But tonight, the water was off and everyone jumped in. You can see people swimming in it and pushing water on others. It was pretty cold actually. The night chill and wind didn't help at all. One minute into the pool I got 100% soaked because I pinched Hester's friend down the water and some other douche bag just flipped me upside down. I was wasted but I still had the consciousness to pull out my cellphone and shut it down immediately. I really thought I lost another phone but luckily when I tried it this morning it still worked. Anyways, we ran from one to the other and I remembered that the alcohol kicked in later on and I pissed in one of the warm pools. lol. I know gross especially considering bunch people were sitting next to me splashing water while I was at it hahahhaha.

Around 12:00amish -- I could only guess at this moment now...we seriously lost track of time--Hester, her friend and I ended up in a frat house and we sat in the guy's room. I apparently got so drunk that I kept complimenting on his abs and in the shower I kept saying he was straight nothing was gonna happen. Lol. he heard them all. He didn't react to it and he was cool with it. Later on Hester told me that he wanted to kiss her and she wouldn't and he got really pissed. HE even told her he was still a virgin. RIGHT, a senior, in a frat, get drunk very often, and a virgin? please..... Even 5 year olds can lie better than that. I then puked all over their hallway. He got pissed but I couldn't help. The burger mixed with Katel One, Grey Goose and Bud Light all came out on the floor. He had to clean it up lol. I guess that was our queue to leave. By the time I got to my car it was fucking 2:30am in the morning. I turned the heat on to 90 degrees since I have been shivering uncontrollably for half of the night. I passed out and woke up at 4:30am and I got home and passed out again.

Looking back it was such a crazy night. People were so happy and the spirit was so high. Everyone had this bitter sweet feeling and everyone chose to let the happiness sing. It was great to be there.

Oh yeah I think Cooper said that it was spring and people became hornier. I agree. Yesterday at the gym after my training I just really wanted some dick. So I sat there in the sona and just chilling. A Latin guy came in with big muscles and all. He looked young. I just stared at him. He looked up a bit and looked away. But then he gave a sign, he lifted his towel and revealed his massive dick. So I just quickly sat down and started playing with it. Less than a minute, I was on it. I guess it was the angel and all I could literally swallow the whole thing and the thing was closer to be 8 inch. He obviously liked to show off too. I asked him if he wanted to go to the stall that had curtain on he said that they check that stall during the day and I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere else he said nah. So when someone else walked in we all got back to where we sat and 2 mins later I just left. I guess people just like to mess around in the gym but not actually hooking up. I don't know I feel like gym is better in a way because everyone is naked and it gets down to business faster. Gay clubs on the other hand would have all the pretentious games and nice clothes and bad attitude in the way even though the ultimate goal was still to get down to someone's pants. arrrrg.

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