Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It is a nice start

This week has started well.

I found out that I had no time to complete my traffic school on time before my due date which was Tuesday. I was super stressed and worried. Stressed because I would have to come up with the money for the increased insurance and worried because my parents would never let this incident go and of course lots fights ensued. So I decided to go to the court. It wasn't what I expected it to be. The entire process was similar to a supermarket checkout counter. There were two people serving the customers. One was a guy who looked like a douche bag. I prayed not to talk to him. Luckily I got the lady. After I presented my situation she said she could just re-open the case and I will have till June to complete my traffic school and my insurance would not be adversely affected. I was so happy. The day was so great. The sun became brighter, air became fresher, and life was beautiful.

I was amazed how small things can change a person's view on life so easily. People are good at extract shallow opinions on small things in life and then vastly generalize it. It is so easy to come to the "end of the world as I know it". But I guess that is what make people so strong because their emotions are like unbreakable rubber bands stretching from one extreme to another. Of course, when the rubber band breaks, people end up drowning in rivers, falling from skyscrapers, sinking in bloodbath, and hanging from their ceilings. It is truly horrible.

On top of this, I received an A, well A- really but less than 2 points to a straight A in my finance exam. I was really happy about it. It's been a while that I have received A and it felt great. lol.

At night I went to the Urap meeting again and then went to Hookah with some of the people at the meeting. It's been a while that I did Hookah and all of sudden the stuff felt strong again. I guess I was just sanitized before. Lol gotta stop accusing them watering down my content lol.

Today I went training again and it was pretty intense. The trainer told me that I have strong and well built legs and shoulders but have weak chests and biceps. At least I am good at something haha. Got to work on it more. He is really nice. We joke around and laugh a lot when we do workouts. Hopefully I can continue to train with him for the rest of the year... That will depend on how good my job hunting goes.

So far, the week has been chill. With all the nice stuff happened I am pretty happy. However, it's going to be a busy for sure. I have a quiz for my strategy class tomorrow and it is a four chapter quiz. Each chapter is at least 30 pages long and I am still on the first chapter beh... Also tomorrow I need to get my participation points in the strategy class. My only advantage so far is participation. I am currently in the top 10% bracket but I didn't say anything last time. It is very bad! Plus I have a midterm on Thursday for auditing, ok that class does not make sense =/..... then I have to finish my slides for Airborne case before Thursday. Hmm. I don't know why there is only Harvard Business School cases out there for undergrad or grad students to look at. Where are the Yale Business School cases, what about my school, I would love to see a Marshall Business School case. beh... AHHHH. Oh well at least the cases are interesting. I think nothing beats a good case study if you have the right teacher and the right people to work with you. It is so intellectually stimulating I swear my brain is smiling every time I meet with the smart ones in the group. There is one guy in my research paper group that I have a crush on. Ok he is not super hot or tall (my top preference), but he is not bad looking and I think he is charming. He is SOOOO smart and so energetic. I think he would make a perfect husband lol~~~ Anyways I am just rambling now....


Jules said...

That's great news about the A-!!!! You are such a super smartie pants!

I think once study group is over, you should ask this guy out!!! :O)

Hamilton said...

lol he is straight