Monday, April 23, 2007

Jeebus, missed two classes

It is 3:00pm, lol~~~~~~~~

I just couldn't wake up. I was in a coma like deep sleep. My headache is finally gone but I still feel weary. I missed the first two finance classes. Beh I guess it is not too bad since they are just pushing through the last couple concepts and it is not like I listened carefully before anyway. I will just have to study with my classmates really hard to understand the shit. Hopefully it works out. I got 8 days till my finals. The time is kinda tight... hm... But I have to go to my 3rd class of the day which is at 4:00pm. The almighty strategy class, participation is 20% of my grade and the 30 fucking pages research paper was for this class. I want to at least see how the bindings went -_-.

I am hungry, tired, and a bit depressed. I guess I should be happy that I am not doing investment banking. I probably won't love the subject matter and get depressed all the time. ah...

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