Friday, April 20, 2007

A horrible Friday morning

It is bad enough that my least favorite group decided to meet and do an ACL project. The people in that group are just utterly unpleasant. Well, what can I expect, these are hardcore accountants. Especially there is a guy named Jason, he must think he is very cool, rocking with two gigantic diamond stud earring. But I think those are fugly and does not work well on his stick thin frame.

On top of this, the weather is fucked up. It is almost fucking May, and this is LA, and IT IS RAINING right now. It is hard enough to wake up at this god forsaken hour on a Friday, but when it is raining I just really want to curl up in a ball in my bed. >_<~~~~~

Oh yeah, did I mention I am starving....

Got school, the rain became hysteric. Of course, given California's almost non-existing sewer system, campus was flooded. My feet, which were in a pair of sandals, soon became numb to the cold air and my jeans became wet up to my calves.

Went in the library saw my group, said hi, the fucking Jason guy made some smart ass comment for me being late and I returned something that was lame with equally unpleasant attitude. Then we started the dread project. It wasn't too hard, finished kinda fast. Then I was just glad to leave those people.

My friend and I walked to the car and I got my workout shit and headed to the gym on campus. This is my first time using the school gym, so I was kinda excited to check it out. It went a bit sunny and I was happy. Then all of sudden, it started to drizzle out of no where. Within 2 mins, it started to pour. I was like you've got to be kidding me. So there I was walking from one side of the campus to the other corner of the campus in the pouring rain. My little sweater soon started to soak. Anyway I made to the gym alive and started to work out. Lots cute guys with nice muscles lol. But I was already kinda in a bad mood and tired and I planned to work out a lot, so I didn't pay too much attention to the people.

The treadmills are facing the window at the side of the gym so when I was running, all I could see was the passenger passing by. Kinda interesting because I felt like a fish, you know, in a bowl. Well maybe a hamster, running on a treadmill and looking at people who were passing by unnoticed. I warmed up with 6.5 mph speed for 3 mins, then started to run from 7.0 ~ 8.5 mph speed for 26 minutes. Cooled down from 6.5mph to 5.5 mph in 4 mins and walked for 5 more mins. Did about 450 calories in 35 mins. It felt pretty good. I was drenching. Then I headed to the stretching area to calm down a bit, got some water, and then headed to the elliptical machines. I did 20 mins on that with resistance of 8. I kept my heart rate at 170 for weight loss purposes. After that I was just kinda dead. I am I could have done more on the machine but I just felt like leaving. Headed to the shower. My first time ever taken a shower on a school premise. No one was in the shower though.... Kinda disappointing lol.

Then I treated myself with a super sized jumba juice. I recommend Protein Berry Pizzazz. For a Original size, the nutrition content is probably the best in jumba juice selections. 400 calories, 87 Carb, 19 protein!! 5 fiber, and only around 70 sugar. I got a fiber boost along with it. It is a treat definitely!

Now I am home, it still feels soooo cold...


Silly Billy said...

For once in like 2 weeks, the weather here in NYC is BEAUTIFUL. Sigh. So I don't want to hear any complaining!

Have a good weekend Hamilton.

Hamilton said...

hee hee

JUSTIN said...

It seems like the weather has shifted and it's nice in the midwest and east coast and shitty on the west coast.

Hang in there H.

jay said...

I agree with Billy.

Compare that to a winter that had Pittsburgh experiencing highs of 9 degrees F for days in a row.

No complaining, you'll be back to regular Southern Cali weather in no time.

As for me, winter just ended and I'm already dreading it.