Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Up and down

For the past 3 weeks, I have been going to the clubs every Saturday, and usually out and about having a good time hanging out with friends all the time.  The height of my happiness peaked out last weekend. 

On Friday I went to this guy's place for some sex.  We've been talking to each other for a while and he was persistent.  He has a nice body and good height but seemed to have cocaine eyes in the picture.  Lucky for me, it was just a bad picture.  He still has that amazing body but much cuter in person.  He lives in downtown in a loft that he just purchased.  It was an amazing loft and his decoration was very appropriate.  It was chic, modern and still has the sense of good old home feeling to it.  He is successful and busy with healthy activities.  I was very impressed by all this.

Also, he had an 8" inch thick rock hard dick. After chatting briefly we started to make out very passionately.  He was a bit aggressive on the tongue action but it was hardly a flaw.  Most importantly, he gave the best sexual experience I have ever had.  He went very slow and made sure I felt comfortable.  It was challenging to take that 8" but because of his careful moves and slow motion, it was a bit pain and pleasure all mixed up together and I couldn't wait to shove more of that meat inside of myself.  It was so thrilling.  He fucked me on my back for a while and then all of sudden with one swift motion, lift me up and laid down.  I then started to ride his cock furiously.  It was really good and I felt sexy and powerful.  I truly applaud his skill to be a top.  I really think being a top doesn't mean you always have to be the one in control in the action, rather, be the director of the motion and let everyone involved to play their part.  I felt in control yet being controlled and it was such a refreshing feeling.  Before I could enjoy this ride longer, I shot all over his chest.  Instead of mauling my ass open, he acknowledged that it'd be kinda unpleasant to fuck me once I came, so he pulled out and shot all over my cock.  For the very first time, I felt enough care and attention from a hookup.

We chatted some more afterward and he kept leaning in to kiss me and said he had so much fun that we had to do this again. 

I got home around 12:00am and texted him saying it was a great time and hopefully we could hang again.

He probably went to sleep by then, so I got a text message the following day saying "yes, it was so much fun, we have to do it again."

I was really happy.  Finally I find someone who is amazing at sex and not a loser at all.  But I guess I was over optimistic.  I texted him on Tuesday saying if we could hang out this weekend and I haven't got a reply even today.  He didn't even text back saying anything, I guess that "we have to do it again, was merely a thank you have a good life."  I was actually really disappointed by this outcome and it really tempered my mood since Tuesday.

Saturday I went clubbing with my best friend at a straight club again.  It was so much fun, and we danced a lot.  Her friends were all really easy going and she got really drunk. I on the other hand just enjoyed this easy going night with these good people around.  I got home around 530am.

Woke up around 9:30 am headed to a paid area south of Laguna beach with my cousins.  Beach was nice and all since no one was there but the beach was full of rocks and I felt like my feet would eventually sever from my legs if I go in the water more than once.  But it was fun regardless. 

Monday, my happiness ended, and my life kinda took a drastic temporary turn downhill.  I got extremely busy and worked out on Monday. It was 10:10pm when I got home. How depressing... Then Tuesday my Mr. 8" ignored me. 

Now today, work sucked ass. One of the project I was doing just wasn't right for me today.  I couldn't interpret it correctly and the manager was over the top sarcastic for some reason.  Maybe because I was already in a bad mood or maybe he was just busy but overall we pretty much had a bit cross fire in the morning and I just felt like shit for the rest of the day.  I feel like I am wasting my life.  This job, though I really can't complain about it too much since the hours aren't really that bad most of the time and the economy is in the toilet,  it is really not something I find intellectually challenging.  Most importantly it is not something I wanted to do with my education nor it is something I find so interesting that I would give it a shot.  But as for now I really can't do too much.  I still haven't hit my 1 year mark since I started working here and I still at least need to pass CFA test 1 so that I have something extra on my resume to move on.   But I am getting home earliest @ 8:00 pm nowadays for at least another week and latest pass 10:00 pm, as much as I hate to admit it, I really can't find the will power to continue to study for another hour or two.... sigh this prospect just makes me feeling ill.  

Besides, I still haven't got over Mr. 8" as for now...

The ups and downs, they come so quickly and gone so fast at the same time.  I just feel like I am being raped by life, something you can't defy, yet can't say you don't find pleasure in the process. 

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ah I am being cynical again

Gym buddy has been great, we hang out for July 4th with his fiance and my friends. We all had a great time, then we worked out a couple more times etc.  Especially my friends and I went nuts in the water and totally had a blast.  I lost my Rainbow sandals in the waves and now I am wearing a new pair.  It is going to be another year of foot battle with the footwear, so far the sandals have been beating the shit out of my feet T_T....

Anyways, when we were at the beach watching fireworks on the 4th, out of no where, his future wife all of sudden asked,

"So what have you planned on August 9th."

(hmmm wth... is she inviting me to the wedding? but I don't even really know them isn't this supposed to be a very intimate event?...)

"ah... nothing why."

"would you like to come to our wedding."

"oh, ah, sure haha why not. "

(hmmm ok i guess we are really getting along enough that she is willing to invite me to their weddings kinda cool.)

Gym Hubby walked back to us when this exchange between me and his soon to be wife took place.

"Oh, Hamilton wants to go to our wedding.'

"Ah... cool. "


WHo the fuck said I wanted to go, that was kinda distasteful. 


Later on I asked if I could bring a person and he said yes. But overall after really thinking about it, (plus all my female friends are going out of town during that time), I think it is really inappropriate for me to go.  I do not only not know anyone there, but what am I gonna say when anyone asks me how I met him?

"ah... we worked out together for 2 weeks and I think he is totally hot. "

Yeah that is not gonna go well. So now I have decided not to go.

But since I am already invited, now refusing it is already kinda bad, at the same time, I need to get them a wedding gift either I go or not.  I especially should get the gift now that I am not going.  I am kinda not happy about this.  I really do not know these people what the hell.

My friend helped me with a thoughtful gift and I think it would be a good gift. It is not from the lame registry either, so I think it is great.  Even though I got lucky that I didn't have to drop like 50-100 dollars on a stranger's wedding I am still kinda annoyed by the situation especially how she made it sound as if I invited myself.  Do I look like that kind of person?

Now i think about it, she did this probably for an extra gift.  I know how cynical but who the fuck invite strangers to their wedding when they already have a budget for 180 people? 

Beh.... not cool

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yeay my cousin is here

She is 18 years old and just graduated from High School.  She got admitted to CSUN and is going to attend at least a couple semesters. Then we will plan her transfer route, maybe UCLA or USC I don't know, of course USC is ALWAYS better lol...

I am so excited.  Now she lives at our house, I think this would be a great addition.