Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another Saturday Rolled by

Saturday night again.

I was doing my financial project. The subject matter is well known--netflix. Yes we are doing Netflix. The topic was to choose from 100 companies that have revenue over 1 billion dollars a year and we chose Netflix. As many of you know that Netflix has been pretty successful but they are in the shit hole now. Anyway I was trying to figure out how many DVDs does Netflix purchase a year, and I really couldn't find it. Not even in their 10k. I am like... hm what happened to the information age.

Anyway. I am going to a bar in downtown. The original plan was going to a club in Beverly Hills called V2O (ok I got the name from the person who was planning it and got the location from another friend, whether or not it is in BHills I am quite sure). But my friend cancelled at 6:00pm. I didn't mind at all actually. I was in one of those rotting mode on a typical Saturday. You know, woke up late, ate craps, and just felt like whatever. So now instead, I am going to a bar that I have been to many times in downtown. It was another friend's idea. She wanted to go to this bar in Hollywood but then it seemed to be too fancy and we were both too lazy to dress up lol.... So this bar in downtown is super tiny. The benefit of this cocktail bar is that they do not have a big front and usually people have no idea it is a bar. It is owned by an old Japanese lady who already dressed quite nice. The bar doesn't close till 4:00am which is illegal in California. The bar doesn't check ID which is illegal in the United States. LOL~~~~ but I like it. It is small but it has good decoration for its size. The bar is at the lower left corner and occupies 1/3 of the entire room, and 50% of the room is a sofa place where you can sit on the sofa or on the floor with pillows etc... Very cozy place. Lights are very dim and lots of candles inside. There is also a Piano at the upper right corner, and very often that someone would go up there and play and sing at the same time. Even though this singing isn't all that great sometimes but it definitely brings in an unique flavor. Very unhollywood unLA in a way.

So yeah, we are going there. I am not sure if my friend likes it. First, she loves hip hop and second she doesn't like classic music, and finally she likes young crowd. So lol... she will probably hate it but it is her idea.

I was very glad that I finally got a chance to talk to Guy from Chicago. We always miss each other on the AIM. We talked for a while today. It is good to find out that someone out there is just same as you. I don't mean the gay part. I mean we should have figure that one out already lol. I mean how we dealt with it and how we felt about the whole thing resembled a lot of similarities. But I have to say that Guy is much more advanced than I am. He seems to check out gay bars quite a bit whereas I still haven't broke my 5th time record. And I am still making plenty plans going to straight club/bars.

I often think why it is like that. I guess I am scared. There are just too many reasons for that. I could be shy at times, I mean who isn't. But I am definitely not anti-social but it seems to be a bit hard talking to gays I kinda feel like that...

On a side note, I highly recommend the ShickQuadro razor blade. The MarchIII was ok. The Quadro is godly. I don't have a lot of facial hair and that actually makes it harder for me to shave. Because my face is super smooth and spotless that a bit facial hair especially the left overs of a speedy shave job looks alarmingly clear on my face. It looks like ashes from a cig, it is dirty and unhealthy. Every time I used March III to get a close shave I end up irritating my skin a lot or simply cut myself. But the Quadro, wow, I can apply pressure, going up and down side to side, it is like skating on my face. I often amazed how a guy can be so pleased by the simplest things hahaha, like, yes, a razor.

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