Friday, April 06, 2007

Another night of clubbing

Really wanted to party, party party party my sorrows away.

Apparently it doesn't work like that. Especially the second morning when your piss smells like Red Bull and Vodka, it is really not all that pleasant.

I went to the club with L and C again to this place called Mood in Hollywood. The line was kinda short which was kinda disappointing. But we got in right away since we bought a table. It was 160 for 6 people. I really thought that was amazingly cheap but that was for the cheapest drink you could get with that kind of money. Once we went in, we ordered a bottle of Grey Goose, that 160 became 500 dollars deal. Way to scam money....So we had 7 people and two of them weren't really drinking. So just 5 of us finished it. It wasn't much for a lot of people such as JP Mac. I am sure he can drinking a bottle all by himself lol.... But it was a lot for me. The night was pretty good but it wasn't as good as last time. Supposedly, another three white guys should have come with us but they were denied at the door. Since the crowd was more Asian than white, they just flaked. It is really a personal choice kinda thing but I think it is still kinda offensive. L said they just didn't want to pay which is ridiculous since they are rich. But then she told me some of their stories and that made me believe that they were indeed cheap... I never get that, it seems like that the richer they are, the more stingy they get.

The dance floor was very crowded, so it was hard to move around. That always kinda sucks. What made it not as good was that there was another girl in attendance whose name was K. She got extremely cozy with C really fast and only did minimum stuff with me. Ok I know, I am gay and all, but still that was pretty cold and I was kinda pissed at it. And C and K were just snuggling up the whole night. Worst part was they weren't even going to fuck. She only liked Asian guys. I think the worst offense was when we danced a little and came down to the table I laid down and just naturally put my arm around her since she was all bobbly and spinning. It wasn't even all that intentional and she pulled my arm away while she would go on top of C. I was like oh Bitch you didn't. But as the gentleman I was I didn't say anything. Beh~~~~ that was so cold...

L's boyfriend was also there. He was this dorky looking giant pale Asian guy. Despite his nerdy looks, he parties quite a bit and apparently has quite a bit of connection too. Such as attending Pdiddy's b-day party in Las Vegas etc. It was supposed to be cool and all glamorous and all. But I don't know why I felt kinda tired partying like that.

After we finished at Mood around 2:00am, we went to this Korean BBQ place. That was a highlight of that night. The stuff was so tasty and let me tell you nothing beats those BBQ and soup and fried rice when you are extremely drunk at 3:00am in the morning. It was REALLY satisfying.

Anyway, overall it was very uneventful and that is all I did to kill a nice Thursday night. It wasn't bad. I am living it the LA style. Maybe not completely my type, but it was what a lot of people do and that is a lot of young people do in the entire United States anyway. Until there is a real alternative, I guess I will just have to party it up!

Today I got two meetings. One for a big presentation on Monday and another one for a 30 pages research paper. On was on Airborne ExpressMail and the paper was on Netflix @_@.... oh man.. freaking projects.

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I have really enjoyed reading your blog entries. Riviting!