Friday, February 16, 2007

Young vs Old

I am sure I am not alone on this one. But I still find it a bit unsettling in a way.

I am extremely attracted to older, muscular, masculine, and intelligent man who has a very nice job. It is not the money but the power that really draws me in. Let it be political power or knowledge power as long as they are superior in one of those old respected professions. For example, doctors, lawyers, businessman, CEOs omg these people are so hot. I like them to be old enough to be successful which mean 30-45. As long as they take a good care of themselves it is fair game for me. I have mentioned before that when I was interning in Disney this old guy who already had a full head of grayish black hair was rocking a fantastic body that you don't see often on a 20 year old. It was so hot. Even though his position wasn't that power inducing but he did work directly with the executives on the board. That is really hot for me!

I just think that at my age, shouldn't I be drooling over hot young guys? I think I should, but let's say if I see a hot guy at a night club or see a hot older guy who has the qualification I mentioned above at a black tie event, I will go home with the older one in a heartbeat. I don't know why is that. Do I need a father figure?? Maybe, but I try to avoid that direction since that would be kinda gross. Did I suppress my gayness by being straight-acting (Chris from about a boy and his briefs hates this statement, but Chris bear with me I am just trying to make a point) for too long that I am desperate to be a submissive guy in a relationship? It beats me I can't understand it.

The reason that I brought this up was that I met this doctor in my gym. He is very well groomed, good looking, and have biceps that make my legs weak. His entire body is very fit and well proportioned. He works in Pasadena as a doctor. He is at least well off because he goes to this gym which charges 110 dollars a month for basic membership. The brief interaction with him today made my minds wander around quite a bit. I suspect that he is gay. Because,

1. He is very well groomed. But then a lot of doctor is well groomed...
2. He is very muscular. But then doctors most likely know it better that they should keep their bodies fit.
3. He has no wedding ring. Well maybe he focused too much on his career or divorced or just took it off when he goes to the gym.
4. We made a short eye contact when I entered the locker. He looked at me, I smiled back, and his warm "Hi" started some conversations. We introduced each other and made small talks. But then maybe because he is very well educated he is just that etiquette or maybe because other people are just too rude all the time that I just received the wrong vibe.

I don't know. I saw him again today. He just finished and was eager to leave. But we still made small talks. He was changing while we were talking and I saw those veins popping out on his sweet biceps. God...

Oh well at least I know that he goes in at lunch to do cardio then goes back to work and he comes here early on Fridays. Hopefully I can catch him more and see what happens.

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Jules said...

Nothing wrong with liking someone older... some older men are very distinguished and delicious!

I'm anxious to hear more about this as time progresses.