Friday, February 16, 2007

Workout process

I have been with my trainer for two weeks now. This week is my third week. We had a session on Tuesday and next session is going to be on Tuesday next week. So far I have lost 6lbs of fat. I dropped down to 176lbs from 182lbs. I am doing lots cardio on my own and repeating the whole body workout sequences designed by my trainer throughout the week. It feels great.

However, the down side is that I am kinda addicted to it now. I feel fat if I don't work out a day and I crave for sweets but then when I look at them I think they are gross. It is such a weird feeling. But nothing can stop me now, I am determined to get a rock hard body this summer. The body I wanted for years and never got it. Wish people were less vain so people like me could suffer less lol~~~~.....

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