Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another pic

Picture Deleted.

Friend sent me another one. Same place and I think I looked really tall because the dwarf size stools and chairs haha. I am not short though! I am a bit over 6' hee hee. Northern Chinese rule. Before I came to America I've heard that people are tall and strong here, which is kinda true. But two things caught me off-guard:

1. How a lot of people are extremely overweight, and

2. How short some guys are

These two caught me offguard hahaha. Don't take this offensively I am not criticizing people who are overweight. But overweight is a huge problem in the States (what other countries have more than 50% people who are overweight, this is obsurd, and politicians are discussing if gays are good or not for the society omg) and NO! please! being over weight should not be a way to express one's confidence. People like comedian Monique is really not a good example. And on being short, I guess people have stereotypes on everything lol.


Jules said...

I totally agree with the whole comedians who make fun of their weight comment you made - I hate that!! It's not funny.

Jules said...

P.S. I like this new blogger look!

Hamilton said...

haha thx. the old one is putting myself to sleep.