Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I just wrote a response to Snicker Candy

The topic came up at our U-rap (one of the gay organizations on USC campus) meeting. About 9 people showed up. It was great. I got to see bunch new people and made friends with them. I was happy. Anyways, the topic of stereotype came up and I used the Snicker commercial to make my point. Half people haven't seen it yet so I explained what it is. If you haven't, check the shiteous commercial out on youtube.

Basically I think Sneaker has gone the wrong direction on this one. It is supposed to one of those fucked up traditions -- the lame gay humor. But this one offended FOUR types of audiences across the country.

1st offense: The obvious target here--gay community. Two guys kissed and according to Sneaker, it is gross and unmanly. So they guys had to immediately do something manly to prove their masculinity. There are just too many things wrong here I am sure any of you can bust out a good argument to blast Snicker's misstep here.

2nd offense: The community that they are favoring -- straight community. They are trying to say that you can do something that is gay for your interest and love, in this case, a dumb sneaker bar, but as long as you keep it straight it is all good. The theory itself is just so stupid. If you do something gay and you aren't gay, you would just brush it off. If masculinity is what they are trying to portray and advertise, then they really hit a sour note. Isn't being self-confident and assured the biggest part of being masculine? Real guys should have NO DOUBTS about themselves. That is what we are taught when we are young and that is the basis for their stupid commercial! If that is the case, then you don't have to fucking prove you ain't gay. In addition to this irony, the guys in the commercial proved to be real dudes by pulling chunks of chest hair off their chest and the screamed at each others like monkeys. OK this is just beyond any logic! So they are saying that being a brute and stupid is the only way to be masculine! How brilliant. If I were a straight guy I would not fucking laugh at this shit at all. So either I am a queer or a dumb ass according Snicker. What were they thinking!!!

3rd offense: kids. A lot of kids watched super bowl. If they are straight, they will of course do something like ew gross due to the norm. If they express that it is OK to kiss and still be manly, their parents would probably butt in. If the kids are gay, just imagine what this stupid fucked up ad would do to their self-image??? And the parents, how should the parents react to it? Do they laugh or not. Do they condemn this behavior or tell their kids that Sneaker is a bunch of asses? I think it makes it very difficult for the parents to confront the homosexual subject with an appropriate way. Have Snicker boards got no brains? How could they approve this thing is beyond me.

4th offense: the professionals. I mean professionals as people who have referral powers. Others would defer their opinions to the people who have authority and power. Since professionals, let it be businessmen, doctors, writers, lawyers, and engineers etc, have such profound effects in our society, they need to be responsible for what they do! As my reply to a post from About a boy and his briefs states, people who have power need to be held accountable. People who have power need to have devil's advocates so that they don't fall into group sink. People who have power have social duties! There are consequences after each action from people who lead others. It is a great shame that these professionals tossed out their integrity and social duties for some cheap laugh. Sure they wanted some cheap humors and hopefully we can get their drift. NO!!! it is not 200 years ago. We don't find lynch funny anymore and we don't find any attacks to any community disguised as humor funny anymore. It is so outrageous that an international company can be so god damn stupid.

anyway.... rant off beh


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you've said entirely. This U-Rap group that you talk about sounds a bit like something I'm involved in at my university actually, we've held like discussion groups on stuff like LGBT representation in the media (kinda relating to what you were just talking about), LGBT film nights and the like - we normally have quite a few people come, although it's usually the same faces, and it would be cool to have some new people come along too.

A much better example of gay people in a TV advert can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQvfh17DCtk - the quality's not great, and you could argue that it reinforces the stereotype that in all gay relationships there's a 'man' and a 'woman', but still, barring that it's quite nice having a depiction of two guys in a relationship like that.

Hamilton said...

U-rap is a division or related organization of LGBT. so definitely haha.