Monday, February 05, 2007

People come in your life for a reason. Agreed!

Just read this from Maximus Leo. I say blog posts come in your life for a reason too. I have reflected on this for a very long time. Even today, my friends and I are still surprised how some of the most random and interesting people come into your lives, mark their territory in your heart, and then change your life in ways you cannot predict. Some last and some don't. They change your life permenantly regardless. It is kinda scary because in a sense, there is no free will. People become other people's friends really for a reason. There is no coincidence here. It is carefully calculated event by some supreme power. I am not religious but then I have to put some of my faith in fate. Fate is tricky and fate is pre-determined. People cannot change fate in essence. You may be able to alter certain event but the grand theme will not change. It is like death and tax. Yes, it is that certain. This is my belief anyway.

I am going to write about a series of people who come into my life in mysterious ways. Some of them are still in my life, some of them are no longer my friends, and some of them passed away. I think this is definitely worth recording. Regardless how I feel about these characters now, their impact on my life is permenant and I need a place to remind me these people when I am getting too old. hehe.


Guy From Chicago said...

I can't agree with you more. I look forward to reading that post.

Silly Billy said...

Yes, I read the post from Maximus Leo and it really brought out some memories for me.

Thanks for pointing me there. Great Blog.