Monday, February 05, 2007

A Drastic Change

Today, Los Angeles is Los Angeles again. It took off its best New York impression and put on some much needed sunshine. Yes, the weather is gorgous today. It is absolutely refreshing. We have been suffering with the sad grey sky and annoying little drizzles for too long. It is 80 degree out there. Jumped from 60ish from yesterday!

I am so happy now. lol. sigh so easy to be pleased, now that if I can have a gorgous bf lol~~~


Anonymous said...

Dude, you should think yourself lucky that you don't live in the UK - we're lucky if it reaches 80 degrees even in the middle of July over here!

Hamilton said...

lol~~ i know. if you read another post I wrote earlier on about snowing in Malibu, you would know that Los Angeles people are very spoiled indeed. hahahaha

about a boy said...

puleaze, like la could ever pull of an nyc impersonation!

you dont need a gorgeous bf! you have yourself!