Sunday, February 11, 2007

This is me at a Hookah lounge

Picture Deleted.
Now that I am working, I have to keep my secret identity.

It was on Friday night. Usually this place is packed but that day it was deserted. I guess they had a busy night and then people left altogether. The place has three parts, outdoor area, small cafe, and a indoor restaurant. Inside the restaurant, there are leather sofas and normal dining tables. The sofas usually have $70 minimum spending budget. But since it was deserted, my friend and I took it up for free. It was a bit surreal because usually it is not only packed but super noisy. Music would blast against your eardrums. It was exceptionally chill and quiet. I liked it. This is me before leaving the place. I am thinking about getting contact lens... I really can't see well at night and wearing a pair of glasses is really not cute at all =/


Jules said...

It's cute!! You're a cutie!!!

Silly Billy said...

I like the glasses! ;0