Friday, February 16, 2007

DudeTube Disappeared

I don't read that blog much anymore but I still check it out sometimes. When I clicked on it today, it wasn't the dudetube anymore. It seems like that blogger has deleted the blog due to its content. If this is true, that will be really sad. But again I guess we can't always blame the censorship on these websites. After all they are owned by bigger corporations which have a lot more political battles they have to fight everyday.

This is kind of random but it somehow just makes me think again that how hard it is to make a change in the U.S.. I remember that I have read this news article from and it says that a school district has to ban videos of global warming because two wacko parents think that it is a lie since global warming is God's way to bring the judgment day. It only took two crazy people to stop publications of scientific studies regarding one of the most immediate crisis we human as a whole faces today. How absurd @_@...

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