Monday, February 19, 2007

A good deed

Saturday morning was one of the most horrible days that I have experienced in a long time. I had a mid-term on Friday so as you can imagine, there wasn't much sleep since Thursday night. Then I had to wake up at 9:00 in the morning to pick up my friend Michele who just came back from her vacation. It's been 6 weeks and I really missed her. I was pretty dead already and I just felt worst as the day went on. It was like my energy was leaking. Michele's flight supposed to get here around 10:00am and it was delayed till 11:00. It took her another 40 mins or so to come out. Hester and I were a bit nervous because we got to the airport "late" according to the given time. When we found out the flight was delayed we were a little relieved. While we were waiting, we got coffee and talked about random stuff.

Around 11:40 Michele came out of the terminal looking happy and healthy. Her vacation obviously did a good job rejuvenating her. We were talking and laughing while we made our way to my car. Right before we were about to leave the airport we saw a luggage cart behind a car nearby. As usual I didn't pay much attention to small things at random places. But Michele noticed that there was a huge Chanel bag on top of it. She spotted it while I was pulling out of my spot. She proposed that we should get it before other people take it. So I parked right back in and we started investigating the bag. It was a nice bag for sure, probably around 1000-1500 maybe even more. There were the essential such as $200 dollars cash, credit cards, IDs, and a cellphone, and then there was also a folder containing business notes and some other random items. I guess the person who lost it must be royally pissed by now. The cellphone was dead but luckily when we tried to turn it on, it had enough battery to show us some of the contact numbers in it. We retrieved 2 numbers that the owner of the bag last called. Eventually I was able to talk to one of those two people right before the cellphone died for good. Apparently it was a group trip and they were from NY. They were all in LA by that time but weren't together. I asked her to contact her friends see which one lost a Chanel bag. Before she hanged up she asked me if this is some joke pulled on her. I was just laughing and told her no.

Finally the owner contacted us and we planned to meet at a Starbucks nearby. We had to take $2 dollars from the bag to pay our parking lol. We only had 5 bucks and the stupid parking was $7!! Eventually, we met at the Starbucks and returned the bag. She was easy to spot as she stood next to her limo at the drive way of the Starbucks looking anxiously at every single passing car. She dressed really nice and stylish. That bag would look good on her. Her husband was all smiles and her driver... well let's say by looking at his face, he is probably gonna get fired lol~~~ They asked us if we wanted coffee or anything. We thanked them and just drove off. I told them to have a nice stay in LA.

I am sure they will; I think it is a great start for them, haha. Now I give LA people some good reputation! lol...


DB said...

Good for you. It's always nice to prove that people are good and can do nice things. Especially when you're having a bad day, I always think it's good to do something good for karma's sake.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Hey Hamilton

As a potential accountant I'm sure you know all about this ethics issue that all accountants should have. Well looks like you're all good to go and have it pegged down to the t. I think I have some ground to cover still.

Honestly I'd like to think I would have acted in the smae way but truth is till you find yourself in that situation it's hard to guess how you'd react. $200 is no small amount and I'm sure many others may not have acted in the same way.

Good on ya mate. I think you did real good.


PS - Thx for the comment

Jules said...

I am SO proud of you, Hammie! That's awesome!!! 5 HUGS for you... and a kiss on the cheek too!