Friday, February 16, 2007


AP has politely refused to be my friend with benefit request. Ok sad... Then I was talking to another guy last night. We talked for 1 hour and half, and we exchanged number. Actually I asked him if he wanted to exchange number or if he thought it was still too soon. He gave me his number without hesitation. Then I texted him saying that it was great talking to him and hopefully I we could hang out soon and here was my number. He texted back right away saying good night! Everything seemed to be pretty good. The conversation never stopped and the subject was interesting. Well I was talking to several people at the same time maybe it didn't go as well as I thought I don't know.

Anyways, I texted him saying happy hump day on V-day. No reply. Called him today, no one picked up. And I never got a response. Sigh... flakes. So annoying

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Jules said...

Shitty Hammie! Keep your chin up, keep trying! Gay or straight, meeting people to date is hard!