Friday, March 30, 2007

This week so far

The big three items on the menu for this week have been served, well, at least two of them, one was delayed.

After being canceled, rescheduled and canceled again for my HIV test, I finally complete the whole thing on Thursday. The result was NEGATIVE, thank god. I was kinda nervous and I think I looked like an idiot when I was reading that piece of result paper. The girl told me that it was anti-body non-reactive basically means negative. But I was just too absorbed in the moment, which was supposed to be a fantastic triumph or a devastating disaster. Either way it was going to be something dramatic in my mind. But it was just that simple. She told me the result in one short sentence and I was holding that paper still waiting for the big moment to come. Realizing that was it, I asked here where it said that I was negative. I couldn't find the actual result... She pointed it out and I read the short phrase antibody non-reactive over and over again. Meanwhile I kept telling myself, it was it, I was fine. But somehow I wasn't convinced and asked her if it meant it was negative and if I was going to be fine. Her answer was another short "yes". I guess she has seen too many HIV testing virgins and she just thought I was one dumb bird who found the joy of living again. Then she gave me a big envelope full of condoms. The one on top was mint flavored. I picked one up and my mind immediately flew to a hot sex scene that I have seen on porns. How the condom would feel on a giant piece of meat and it would feel to put that meat in me or I use that condom on my own meat. Ok I digress.... I snapped out of it but nevertheless the whole deal made me horny.

So, that was a very good news for me!

The second item on my list was delayed. After I emailed the recruiter more academic information, she told me that they would review it and then tell me in another WEEK OR TWO. I was a bit disappointed because she kept pushing my dates back. I talked to my friend who is already working in the firm and she told me that it was busy season now and since it is a small firm people are insanely busy. Especially at this moment, recruiting effort mainly focused on summer internship. She said she would talk for me again. I really hope this one would work out. I need this particular job for the money, security, career, and vanity.

The 3rd item went well actually. I also avoid saying "went well" after a test before the result actually comes out. I just don't feel like to jinx myself. But I studied with some friends at the library and knocked down the material pretty efficiently. I didn't have to procrastinate and stay up late late. I however stayed up late watching Queer as Folk. The actual test went OK. I felt comfortable on all the questions. Even though I wasn't sure on any of the problems. But I felt good enough to know that I would at least get partial credits on every single one that I touched. However, I will find out the result either next week or the week after that for sure. Feeling good or bad won't matter when the reality comes in the picture.

So last night, after all this has happened, I felt the need to relax. Called up a gay friend for Hookah, but the stupid Hillary Swank was premiering her new movie the Reaper or Reaping at Westwood so the entire street shut down. I couldn't find parking!! Drove from UCLA back to USC, the round trip wasted 1 hour and 20 mins of my life. I then spent another hour looking for the new Hookah cafe next to USC neighbor following my friend's instruction. Apparently, the Hookah cafe was a ghost or it was burrowed underground. We searched it street by street and we couldn't find it. So eventually we went to his place for it. He has a tiny hookah gear which was pathetic. But I wasn't in the mood hookah when the westwood stuff didn't work out. Especially we were talking about condoms again and that made me horny. So all that time I was thinking in what way I could get my friend naked. So we went back to his home and I jokingly challenged his porn hiding skill and started to dig in his hard drive for the porns he's downloaded. I did find them quite easily and started to watch it. I knew he was getting horny. So I just waited. I could tell he was getting excited by the way he positioned himself on his bed. Besides we were laying next to each other using his laptop on his bed, it was just so easy to make a move. So I did. I said all the porn made me horny if he wanted to do something on our own. He wanted to but didn't know what to say. So I saved him the trouble and tore off his pants and started it on his cock. Good size I have to admit. He said he has never been with a guy yet and he just came out. It was actually true. After working on his cock for like 10 mins which he apparently enjoyed a lot he asked me if I wanted some too. Of course I said yes. I surprised him again when I stripped down revealing that I wasn't wearing underwear. This is when I found out he really hasn't been with a guy. He was so nervous and he couldn't go down on me in the beginning. He was just stroking and then he said, "here it goes". It felt almost comical for a bit. "Here it goes?" we weren't having an operation or something. He tried to suck it but only after 3 ups and downs, and I of course pushed his head down a bit too hard, he chocked and gagged and almost puked. Ok that wasn't hot at all and I felt so bad. He was so embarrassed as well that he lost his hard on. I was like, omg, I am turning people straight. I didn't feel bad at all though. You see, he was the one I asked to be a fuck buddy. Then, he gave me all that "I wouldn't want to screw, friends would be better, and I could hurt people crap". I thought, well don't bring in the straight people's relation crap in this scene. So I just showed him what fuck buddies do. I told him it was ok and said just kiss me. I just knocked myself out, played with my tongue and his balls. I exploded all over his bed. Then I felt relaxed. Gave him a hug and left.

His roommate supposed to be gay too and he was from Hong Kong. Actually personally I wouldn't be so sure. A lot of guys from Hong Kong are extremely feminine and so tiny and fragile that they might just as well be girls. Anyway, my point was his roommate was in the room next door which was separated from our room by a thin wall. All this time that I am sucking and moaning, he was there all that time cooking dinner. I am sure he enjoyed the imagination as well. But too bad it wasn't as hot as he imagined lol... Their house must have been built using the cheapest material because you can hear everything not only next door in your house but also the houses to your left and right!! Anyway, so I finished myself up, and walked out and made eye contact with his roommate. Introduced myself and felt a bit awkward and left.

I need some experienced guy who can fuck my brains out or vice versa, people without experiences are cute, but just cute nothing more


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Phewph! I can breathe a sigh of relief!!!

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Congrats on your test results!

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great story.