Friday, March 16, 2007

Ahhh I am so mad

Ok I just came back from Hawaii, tired and burned. So I cancelled my trainer early on Thursday and rescheduled it on Friday at 9:00am. I am pretty dedicated and I really don't want to miss regular sessions. But I am exhausted and 9:00am is a bit early. It turns out that it is too early indeed and I can't wake up this morning. So I called in and left a message saying that I am really sorry but I would like to reschedule again. First he didn't pick up my call twice and after I left my voicemail for about 5 mins, he texted me back saying that he was sorry but he had to pull my voucher (which means he charged 75 bucks even though we had no training), because they have store policy of cancelling 24 prior to the appointment, and he already cut me some slack yesterday and he wasn't going to do it again.

WTF, what happened to the "personal training". I am pretty dedicated and grateful too all the stuff we are doing and I am not the sketchy type. I never cancel my appointment. The one time I cancel, he goes all authoratative on me. He has to be that fucking money hungry. If he wanted, he really didn't have to pull that voucher since he does all his scheduling himself. He didn't even tell me I had to cancel 24 hour prior since when I canceled on Thursday it was about 8 hour notice. If he was cutting me slack on Thursday, then he should have said something. It is a fucking customer service world. What does he expect? I fucking read the 4 pages long contract and capture every single detail? I hate people think they are irreplaceable. People in the service industry also need to know that customer service that really doing exactly what the customers want goes a long way.

So, I fucking canceled his ass. I am getting a new trainer. He can go suck my big fat cock with his attitude and his training. I am sure I will fucking live tomorrow without his training.

Dear god this is the first thing that happens after I come back this is great.


about a boy said...

i didnt know you had a big fat cock!

Hamilton said...

well now you know! sorry I couldn't chat. Really wanted to catch up though!

Jules said...

Hammie - well, at the very least, you provided us with a vivid image of your BIG FAT COCK!

How was your holiday!??!!??! And WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!! (smooch)

GFC said...

LAME! I would have dumped his ass too.

Silly Billy said...

Welcome home Hamilton. And your Big Fat Cock too.