Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend and trip

It was Hester's bday today. But we decided to celebrate it on Saturday. I wanted to surprise her a little so I told her that we were gonna have dinner alone on Saturday and I was not going to the club afterward. She was excited for the dinner but disappointed by my absence to the clubs. So eventually she didn't feel like going to club anymore either despite the face that her promoter friend has printed her face on the flier for that night. So I called up some friends and told them to meet us at 7:00pm in Grand Lux Cafe at Beverly Center. Her sister couldn't come back due to school stuff and her non-USC friends couldn't make it either. It was weird. Since they are her friends I imaged that they would show up for sure. It turned out that they weren't even enthusiastic enough to call me back... oh well.

Saturday morning, I had to wake up early to buy Hester gifts. So I called up Dodona for a short shopping trip. Her two friends came along too. So four of us spent the whole day at Beverly Hills. It was kinda insane, we saw 5 Bentley GTC, 4 Ferrari, 2 Lambo, 1 Aston Martin, and 1 Rolls Royce. I never remembered seeing this many good cars in one day. Most of the drivers were very young too. ah... the great American capitalists at its finest display lol...

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant. Even though all of them didn't like the lunch, I absolutely loved it. With good food in my belly, we started shopping. It wasn't really exciting. My pocket ain't deep and no one was there for a shopping spree. Finally I picked up a gold bracelet of bones at Kiston. It was very tiny. It could barely fit on my wrist and I really thought it wasn't for human when I just saw it. Then I saw the poster on the display tank. It was Nicole Riche, and these items are kinda endorsed by her. WELL THAT MAKES SENSE then. Just look at her wrist, anything can fit!! I didn't see any celebrity there. I have never seen big time celebrity in my life... well except once at Grove, I saw Ben Stiller that is it! Ah, I am off my train of thoughts again. Ok the bracelet, I eventually found out that it was by Disney Couture. GOD DAMN DISNEY, WHY ARE THEY EVERYWHERE. I am so not a big fan of the Disney's....

Long story short, we made to the dinner. It must have been funny if it were a movie. The restaurant didn't take reservation. Since Michelle works there I thought we could get a table for sure. Man was I wrong. The place was PACKED, even the take out table had a huge line piled up. The surprise party was hiding away from Hester and I. Since Hester had no idea that they were there, and she didn't want to stand at one place, she just wandered around talking to me. I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see where our party people were. I was thinking omg we are gonna run into each other for sure. But our friends play good rats, they hid behind walls, behind the bar AND EVEN THE KITCHEN. Yes, the actual KITCHEN. They were kicked out soon though. At one point, Hester was on the phone outside so I came in and handed my gift to those friends. When I turned around I saw Hester right there behind me. I was like " HIIIII", and thought, oh man I blew my cover. But luckily due to my height her petite size, she didn't see anyone. HAHA. It was pretty funny. After 1 hour 20 mins of waiting which really seemed to continue forever, we got our table and the surprise was very successful. It was a great feeling. I was dead tired and opted the clubbing idea. They eventually went to Highland and partied away. But later I heard that Kiki lost her cellphone so the whole night was more about finding her cell than dancing. lol~~~~~ glad I didn't go.

The trip... I am going to Hawaii afterall. It is going to be 3 days 2 nights. It is a very short trip but I hope it is going to be fun. However, I have one last hurdle to overcome. I have an blood test for HIV on Monday at 10:00am. My flight is at 2:30pm. I hope I can do both. And of course most importantly I hope the result is NEGATIVE.... sigh.. beh... oh well signing off.

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Jules said...

What a great friend you are to organize something like that and to spend the day making sure you got a nice gift that she'd love. I thought the bracelet thing was hilarious!

I'm gonna say a prayer for you that your test comes back negative, sweetheart!! Goodness sakes, you have to be careful, baby!!

I'm really happy to hear about your trip to Hawaii!!! Did you say when you were going? Stupid comments thingy, can't just click back and check. Are you going with anyone?

Youll have to forgive my ignorance. You've probably posted these things already, but I've either a) forgotten everything (as usual) or b) read it, tried to commit it to memory but then forgot it because YOU haven't blogged in so long! So then it's your fault! LOL

Now what the heck was I trying to find out about!? ;OP