Monday, March 26, 2007

A week of anticipation

This is week should be eventful. Or, disastrous. There are three things that I am waiting for and none of them could be taken lightly. I usually like anticipations like this unless I am not confident. In this case, I am not confident in any of the three up coming events:

  • HIV Test
  • Recruiting Response
  • Finance Midterm

They are listed by priority. I figured even jobs are important I'd rather still have a regular life... The result comes back on Thursday, which is probably the latest response I will get this week. Life has its own of working things lol. The most important result saved for the last. They say saved the best for the last which could be distratrous in this case. What if I got horrible news for the other two and then the best for the last.. omg... I should stop thinking about it now. But yeah... I don't know why I still did the test on campus because they had no rapid result testing services. Now I have to suffer a week of agony of waiting and wishing.

On the other hand, the recruiting response is very important as well. I have been talking to this recruiter from this firm that I really want to work with for a while. Finally we got a chance to talk to each other last week for 10 mins as our first round screening. This week she will tell me whether or not I get the second round, then I will get either the congratulations or a short lame ass email explaining I am a good candidate but they just don't want my ass. I really want this job for a lot of reasons. I need the money for the most practical one, but also for it is a great place to start my career. It is a small boutique accounting firm that was founded only 15 years ago by partners from the Big Four. For those of you aren't in accounting, Big Four used to be Big 8, after mergers, scandals, bankruptcy, only four still remain strong, and they are Deloitte & Touche, PricewaterhouseCooper, Enrst & Young, and KPMG, their asset ranged around 20 Billion, so definitely big companies and 90% of the fortune 500 companies are their clients. Anyways, these people founded this company, only after one decade, they have already reached 30 million revenue mark and promoted 23 partners. If you put this into perspective, that is more than 1 million/year for each partner. Not bad I would say. Even though I won't make anywhere close to that, but they are paid well and have a lot of exposure to many things, it is definitely the place I want to be. But again my fucked up GPA is hurting me and I would be somewhat devasted if I don't even get a second round interview. I have been rejected too many times for the GPA reason.. GOD, oh well I should stop talking about it before I jinx myself.

Then, there is the test. I got right on average last midterm. The second midterm is coming up Wedsnday and I need to really study for this shit. It is kind of confusing. Luckily I finished my homework last night and had a better ideal of what the hell is going on. But see, I have 1 month left till I am done with school for a while till my master program maybe... and it is getting hectic. All the big projects, paper, final preprations, presentations are due. I have two meetings scheduled this week already. Tuesday with my presentation group and Wedsnday with my 30 page paper group then Friday two meetings with the same two groups with the same professor. It is gonna be fucking great.>_soooo smart. I don't know about you guys, but I get turned on when a dude knows exactly where he is heading in his life and has the brain to get what he wants. The killing part of him for me was that he is going to work for GoldmanSach, probably the best place to be in investment banking and they hire like 5 people in the whole country in one office? something like that. And he is so kind and genuine and so smart. ah............................................... so sad T_T.... I want to work for Goldman too. Ok now I am wandering off again.

Worst of all I don't know if I can still squeeze in workouts!!! I am feeling so fat...


about a boy said...

good luck in all your endeavors. ill be thinking of you.

Jules said...

good luck, good luck and good luck, hammie! (hug)

Silly Billy said...

Hamilton. Best of luck!