Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hawaii Trip - Take 1

Before the trip, something significant happened...

It was the day time saving day. People ought to change their clocks accordingly. As the control freak my dad is, he decided that it was his top priority to change all sorts of clocks in our home. 9AM, he started his errand. It was pretty annoying. Of course I was sleeping. I vaguely remembered saying, just mind your business would you, clocks change themselves nowadays.

Fast forward to March 12th, my departure day.

The plan was that he can pick me up at 12:00pm and then pick up my friend. So there should be plenty time for the 1-stop trip to the airport considering my flight is at 2:30pm. Eventually I got picked up around 12:40pm. By the time we got on the freeway, my dad and I had the following conversation.

Dad, "Omg, it is almost 1?"
Me, "huh, I thought you always 'plan' everything so carefully, what is the surprise."

"I thought it was 12:00, I came out around 11:30ish"
"hmm, ok."
"Omg, I forgot to change the time on my watch."

I was just like, yeah, that is funny. It is so typical. He always does things with extra attention, attention spent on the wrong places that is. It is so typical of him. Everything he does has this unnecessary dramatic effect that just tends to piss me off a lot. I didn't say anything about him being late because there was no use to talk about it then.

Finally we made to the airport around 1:50pm. At the check-in counter, the guy told us that it was too late. My friend's jaw literally dropped to the floor. I didn't panic because in my mind, they just cannot depart without us. It turned out that my instinct was right and that douche bag was just being a well a douche bag causing unnecessary anxieties for us. However, the only requirement for us to board plane was that we cannot check in any bags. We of course had to agree. So we ran to the check stop only to find out that I cannot bring the following items in my bag,

Toothpaste - $3
Moisturizer - $45
Hair Clay - $16
Naturgo Face Wash - $10
Sunscreen lotion - $20
Watching the guy forced me to throw away all this and feeling like my face has been pooped on before my vacation even started - priceless.

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Jules said...

Wow, that's actually kind of a shitty way to start a vacation! But at least you made the plane, right?