Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break is OVER!

So sad... I can already foresee all the monstrous work piling up in the near future. It stresses me out just thinking about it. Arrgg... I miss Hawaii and I wish I could have stayed longer. I am going to blog about it soon.

Yesterday I had a road rage episode. I haven't had road rage for a while and yesterday somehow it just came right out of me. I went to the mall to buy moisturizer and hair clay. Walking around that horrible place for more than one hour looking for the specific stores just made me very irritated. It was stuffy, noisy, and confusing. I ended up spending 10 bucks extra for less. The moisturizer is smaller size than the one I had before and costs the same and the hair clay costs 5 bucks extra for regular instead of extra strength. I was just really annoyed by the end of the whole deal. I really thought I could just walk in and get out in 15 minutes. I felt that I have wasted my life for something as stupid as shopping for hygiene items.

Anyway when I came out of the mall, there was a white Honda in front of me and refused to make a right turn despite the fact that there was no car passing in her lane. The road is called Huntington Drive, one of the wides fucking road you can find in LA. It is almost as wide as regular freeway. I dont know what the hell was wrong with that bitch but apparently she felt it was necessary to waste more time for me and others behind us. I saw her in her rear mirror and she seemed to be distracted. So I did any rational man would do in that situation--honk the shit out of her. She wasn't amused by my friendly reminder and give me a finger in the backview mirror. So I kindly returned my finger. But then the rage was ON. I drove next to her till the first stop light and stared at her. She gave me more finger puppets. I returned more. Then I rolled down my window politely asked her if she learned how to make a fucking right turn in her fucking life. She rolled up her window to not listen to me. That was just rude. In order to grab her attention, I grabbed a handful of pennies that I saved up for occasions like and smashed them on the side of her car. She was genuinely surprised by the act and got extremely mad. Got two items from her car and threw at me too. I didn't even look at her direction and only showed my gratitude to her sportsmanship by showing my fingers. I figured she ran out of ammunition, so I grabbed my waterbottle and tossed over. She was bloody pissed and I was on cloud nine. The light turned green, I sped up cut her off and changed lane in the middle of the intersection and suddenly slowed down to 15 miles per hour and she honked furiously. I returned more fingers. Then I proceeded to drive in front of her for 10 miles per hour speed. As soon as she changed lane to make a left turn I sped up.

1 min later, the rage was gone. It was seriously like an out of body experience. @_@... I think I could be an world class asshole now. lol~~~


Jules said...

Wow, that makes any form of road rage I ever thought I had seem so insignificant now! You actually threw things at eachother?! Hammie... tsk, tsk. I never would have thought you'd have done that! I'm half amused and half frightened by you now. LOL!

Hamilton said...

yeah... if anything, LA is at least the perfect place that brews assholes.

Tim in Italy said...

I go away for a few weeks and look what happens! This is why we can never have nice things.

Hamilton said...

ah tim welcome back!!! Log on aim!! if you are back that is.

GFC said...

Wow, launching a handful of coins at other motorists, I'm kinda impressed. I lived in LA for a few months awhile back and can empathize with the level of driving skill most people out there seem to exhibit.