Friday, July 27, 2007

Some quick hits

I have been busy with my cousin's family lately. They are leaving on the 1st so I am trying to spend as much time as I can with them while they are here. I would like to write more but things just kinda happen fast and once I look back 3-4 days at a time, it is hard to capture the magic again.

Anyways, we basically hit the theme park circle hard lately. Went to Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Universal Studio, and we are planning on Six Flag Magic Mountain next week. In addition, we spent a day at the beach, and are planning for 1 more beach day tomorrow afternoon. It should be fun.


I have talked to two other companies so far. They are both fortune 500 companies. One of them is top 100 and the other one is top 40. Other than these two companies I haven't looked at job postings at all. I am taking it easy and just want to relax a little bit. What is destined to be mine would come eventually. I should get answers back latest next week. One of them would most likely reply me by tomorrow and the other one would probably take longer. Oh well no matter how it turns out I just can't stress over the possibilities right now.


I took my nephew to the movies today and we saw Ratatouille. It is such an amazing film. I really loved it. It was unexpectedly moving and full of heart. Even though it is a cartoon and one of the main character is a rat, also on that note, there are plenty rats in the movie, the entire story just feels so human to me. It is much better than a lot of movies done by real people. I don't know I guess there is really a thing or two that people should consider more when they make movies nowadays. I mean it is a motion picture that should tell a story. What the hell has happened to the story part in the movies nowadays?


I talked to my best friend a week ago. She told me something that bothered me again. I wrote a while back about an old friend of mine, the brother of my best friend, who turned out to be a bit hostile toward me at the end of our friendship. Overall, I just really thought it was a classic story of how good friends drift apart. I guess I was so wrong. Even till today, he is still talking shit about me behind my back. His everlasting bitterness can't seem to find a god damn closure on its own. I thought for once that as he ages, his icy cold attitude would thaw a bit not just for me but just in general. But oh no. He's been trashing about my recruiting, my academic endeavor and my school (how dare he, considering it was "his" dream school till he got rejected and I got in?). I told my friend that I was gonna have a talk with him. You know like a man to another man. IF you want to say something, say it in my face or we can take it outside and duel it out. We do it and get done with it. I want it to end FOREVER. I don't want to think about what he is going to say behind my back every time I visit my friend at his place. My friend told me to not to be too gay about it. I was like HOW THE FUCK IS THIS TOO GAY. Then she said ok it is not gay but it is stupid because apparently her brother is mentally and emotionally disabled and she really wishes for no hassles from him either. So whatever, I agreed not to bring it up in front of him. But still, what kind of cowardly behavior is this. I am kinda pissed.

In addition, as immature as it sounds. Once he trash talked about my school and my recruiting, I have never been even more eager to get in one of the two companies that I mentioned above because he also works there now! He totally thinks that he got the best job ever and he is def the shit now. I mean seriously it is not a bad company but it ain't no Blackstone or Goldman Sach. Get a fucking grip. jeebus. But I want to work there is because this department is exceptionally special since it directly reports to the board executive and manages the overall capital risk for the entire corporation. So now not only the title beats his but the pay might be competitive too. I don't know I haven't found out how much but I am kinda obsessed with it now. I have been researching about the salary. No productive results yet... God I Think this is totally unnecessary. god when can I totally grow the fuck up.


On my final note, which is much more pleasant, USC has been voted as preseason #1 this year AGAIN, and arguably the best college football team in our history. Eat that GATORS!!! AND LONGHORNS. mu hahahahaha.

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J.R. said...

That's No. 1 Pac-10, fool. The Horns and Gators are in different conferences, so how it that a burn for those teams??

Just wait until the season starts and then it's on! Hahaha.

Nice post.

Nothing Golden Stays

Hamilton said...

dude, it is the second part of the comment! "probably the best team ever in college football history" booo hooo....

J.R. said...

Hmmm... I remember that's what they said about USC's 2005 squad...

Texas: 41
USC: 38

Nothing Golden Stays