Monday, April 28, 2008

Exhausting weekend soup

I am so tired that I skipped gym today. Skipping Monday gym is like skipping church for a faithful religious person for me. But I am just really not feeling it today.


Last Friday marked the end of my second week of over time working schedule and I was absolutely exhausted. Had a quarrel with my fuck buddy during the day which kinda pissed me off a little bit. But I was really horny so I asked him if he wanted to meet up after work. He said he would call me @ 7. 

I went home and dwelt into a coma right away. It wasn't even sleeping. It was just a big blur. I think I went home passed out almost immediately on my bed and managed to wake up around 8pm to question the possibility of fucking with the fuck buddy, then went back to sleep again. 

By the time I finally woke up it was 1030pm. It was a 4 hours long nap. I felt a light headache but remained quite alert for the rest of the night. 

It was rather boring night especially for a Friday.


Saturday was my day of shopping. I went to South Coast Plaza with my friend Dodo. We shopped and laughed throughout the day. Saw a lot of cute guys and purchased some good clothes. I spent about 1k which felt like I just exhausted my bank account. I know it is really not much for a lot of people but I am poor so it was quite a spree for me. 

I bought a pair of light blue leather John Varvato's Converse, two Ted Baker shirts--one casual one formal, a D&G tshirt (this shit is 140 bucks and I was totally tricked by this old lady god I hate her!!), a Zara's vneck striped tshirt, and finally a NYC Bond #9 cologne.  

I swear you wouldn't know that we are going to a recession in this place. It seems like everyone was shopping their heart out, you know shop till you drop. It was fun, a bit surreal and a bit escapist.  

After the 6 hours shopping spree, we finally made it home around 830pm. Then I met up with K to see the new Harold and Kumar movie. It was stupid fun. Story wasn't as tightly choreographed as the first one and quoting one of the critics "chasing after freedom is just less funny than chasing after fast food." Indeed, no matter how much they tried to stonerfy the subtle patriotic messages, it was still preaching and awkward and felt out of place for a movie that was supposed to be just a stoner fun film. I had fun anyway... But I was definitely exhausted after seeing the movie. I felt like a goldfish out of the water bowl, a bit dizzy and a bit hallucinating. I definitely felt too old for this kinda chain of shenanigans. 


Passed out, seemed like forever, till 1200pm on Sunday. Got a call from K asking if I wanted to go to the beach with her, her bf and his roommate. After going through my plan of the day, which consisted of nothing, I said sure. 

We arrived Manhattan beach around 2pm and the weather was scolding hot. The water however, remained freezing. So when we were all sizzling with sweat, feeling crispy and weak, there was no where to cool down. Soon enough it turned into a little bit of an ordeal. K received her period the moment we arrived the beach and I was just a bit too dehydrated to move. Everyone flapped on the sand like beached whale. It was quite a desperate scene. The water was right there, shimmering with the sun's reflection, the waves were welcoming as always. But, only few brave ones dared to walk in. 

K and I moved under the bridge and started checking out guys.  The biggest difference between the hot ones and not so hot ones, at least at the moment held true, was their age. No matter how good you maintain your body, youth doesn't linger. No matter how young you feel inside, the energy from a 16 year old virginal boy will not bounce off a 35 year old hunk. The difference was sharp and I wondered where I fit in that picture. 

A little bit bored with the guy watching. I walked back to the car to drop down more coins. On the way back I ordered my diva starbucks drink. 

"Can I have an iced venti carmel macchiato, non fat, easy on the vanilla, easy on carmel, and easy on ice. "

The charismatic black barista happily read off my order when he finished preparing with a burst of laugh toward the end. I smiled back. It was a pretty cool moment I liked it.

Sun quietly headed to the horizon. Wind was still warm but cooling down. The heat has dissipated. Suddenly it felt so calm and so peaceful. It was finally the right moment for me to get active. I started playing smash ball and football.

Who knew that which foot you step forward first makes such a difference. Apparently, according to K's bf, I sometimes lead my throw with my right foot. I am right handed so it usually ended up with a great throw but not so impressive outcome. He said that for one I don't get enough momentum if I throw like that, second that is how girls throw. 

F.U.C.K. Y.O.U.

But it did make a huge difference. I was soon throwing like a fake quarterback. 

We then played some more smashball. 

Time kinda creeps by faster when you are doing some fun. Bummer I know... It was 730 before I knew it. So I called the night and headed back home by myself since the rest of them wanted to go out and drink later. 

I met up with Dodo again for some tea and talked about random things like friendship and family. 


I feel that I have close female friends but not enough close male friends. 

I find this a bit hard to correct because my male friends are straight. They simple don't do tea drinking and talking about families and friendships. I mean they do but not as much I would like and we tend bond better with activities such as beach going, or snowboarding. Random chill out doesn't seem to work anymore. Especially nowadays everyone is getting engaged and I am the only single fag. What can I do right?

I think I am getting abit of that end of the month blue right now. I get blue mood whenever it is an end of some sort. You know the sunday blues, the end of the month blues, the end of the year blues (I think I am the only one who feels just a bit sad on Christmas and definitely depressed on new year, I mean literally another step toward the grave no? Ok I am usually much more sunshiny and positive than this but this is the end of month you know...)...

Anyways, I hope all yall had a great weekend. 

Here is the pic for last week's HNT lol.... overdue again.


borg_queen said...

lol At first I really thought it was you bending over.

dit said...

I love shopping at South Coast Plaza. Ok, I am dating myself here. But, when I was a kid that mall was completely open air! lol

With all your purchases I bet you will be the cutest guy on the block.

Nice muscle!

Christian said...

I love south coast plaza.... I can't believe you spent 1k there... good job. Our economy needs you. :)

Oh, I like the caramel macchiato at Starbucks too!