Sunday, September 09, 2007

What would I do?

One of my good blogger friend's real identity has just been revealed on his very own blog. His name was plastered in a comment section. Of course my friend is not amused by this and feels threatened. Now his blog turned into temporary invitation only mode. We talked about it and together we think it is not as critical as he think since 1. he is already openly gay to both his family and friends, 2. he is not talking about bad things about people on his blog. Since he writes because he wants to, there is no reason for his writing style to suddenly change. His currently blog is very innocent as it is. I mean yes there is sex encounter entries but what would other people say regarding that? Nothing. So he is probably going to unlock it soon.

The problem is that even though no damage has been done, it is still irritating that someone who knows you is peeking through a window and see your life unravels whereas you can't even peek back. I guess that could be very upsetting. I suggested my friend to confront him/her on an ethical level in the same comment section and then keep the blog open for a while see what will happen.

Now I am wondering what would I do if this happens to me. I am in the financial field and things like this could be career damaging. I mean it has happened before so I should be extra careful. Should it happen, should I just go privated you know back to the closet? or should I just not care. Or maybe give up on blogging?


Bruce said...

I don't think that what a blogger writes about in their personal time could be used against them in the work environment, unless they were writing things concerning the company they work for. If they were writing about co-workers, that might make things a little sticky at work but I don't think that would be grounds for dismisal. The gay aspect would not be an issue at least here in Cali, other places in the US it might be.

Anonymous said...

i don't know exactly what you do, but depending on where you are in the financial world you need to be careful as it's conservative even in CA. trading floors in particular are filled with folks who aren't all that open-minded, and investment banking is not much better. once you get to a certain level in an organization (e.g. VP/director) you can lean on your performance to get over any resulting backlash or attempts by homophobes to sabotage your career, but at the lower levels you don't have much protection. if you're an ibanker then your life probably sucks anyway (mine did during those days) and you don't need to give people who have a problem with your lifestyle any reason to make it more miserable..... it only takes one.

i think the blog is generally fine, though, as long as you maintain "plausible deniability" and don't post anything that could cause someone who knew everything to question your judgment on decisions you're making (e.g., drugs or doing anything illegal in a public place).

J.R. said...

I had a friend get fired from his job because he talked about work and a co-worker — no specifics like name or name of company, just the fact that he had a hard time working with her and thought she was crazy. But somehow they found it, figured it out and canned him.

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