Tuesday, September 11, 2007

oh really that is good to know

The daddy of all bomb is here. Introduced by the Russians. Would you look at that orange glow, so pretty.

You would think that the military competition should be all macho and very grown up. But the names they came up with were just such childish rubbish. We, U.S., introduced the "mother of all bombs", and of course the Russians will have something called "dad of all bombs." I am sure the next generation would be the granddaddy of all bombs. Where are they going from there? I think they should totally compare penis sizes too.

This is how the adorable Russians described their bombs,

"dad of all bombs is four times more powerful than the U.S. "mother of all bombs."

Oh yeah that is so tough, I am so beating you. My dad is four times more powerful than your moms. Of course that is not good enough, he continued on,

"Unlike a nuclear weapon, the bomb doesn't hurt the environment. "

Yeah I am so fucking thrilled that your normal bombs are reaching nuclear weapon capability and at the same time remain Eco friendly. I am sure the human race is all rejoicing now. We can finally not leave abnormal ugly babies due to radiation after million death bomb wars. Hallelujah! Praise the lord! omg jeebus.

Fucking idiots.

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J.R. said...

Haha. An eco-friendly, massively-destructive bomb. Nice concept.

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