Tuesday, September 04, 2007

my mom and jessica simpson

they have nothing in common, but my mom had a major Jessica Simpsons moment today.

I told my mom a couple weeks ago that I wanted to eat some canned tuna for my protein intake. Her first visit to the market didn't bring back anything. She said the market didn't carry canned tuna. I was like, well that is strange how can a market not to carry tuna. But w/e, I am not in a dare need of eating canned tuna.

Today she came back with Chunky Tuna. I am like oh yeah this is it. She then said,

"Well this is the only brand I could find. I searched isle by isle. There were lots other similar cans, but it says Chicken on them, So i wasn't sure if I should buy them."

I was like, dear lord... I mean she is an immigrant so she doesn't know w/e. But the fact that she said it just like Jessica did on the TV was priceless. I had to explained it to her that it is called Chicken of the Sea is because it is nutritious and common like Chicken, but of the sea. She is like oh... that is why, but it is so stupid... I am like hmm you are kinda right. haha.

Anyways, my mom is pretty cute sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I love the mom-mentioning in your blog. I always thought I was the only momma's boy here. Mom's are always cute.

Good to hear everything is getting better for you.

Take care!

jay said...

There are tons of Momma's boys lol. All gay men are momma's boys by default!

Zimri said...

Thanks for writing this.