Sunday, August 05, 2007

A new beginning or a new beginning?

What kinda new beginning would it be? I wonder. The future is the most uncertain and it is exciting yet scary. After this grueling recruiting for a month, I finally got an offer. It was good yet a bit disappointing. It is an entertainment behemoth so the name is great however they pay fairly low. I mean don't I wish that I got an I-banking job but that wasn't going to happen. So after thinking about it, I decided to take the offer regardless the pay. I mean I need to start somewhere, and hopefully I can build up a nice network and good reference in 3 years or less and jump to a better and even bigger place. I really want to do pure finance related work instead of accounting and I guess it is just not meant to be at this moment. Life never fulfills me perfectly and I guess this is the way going to be. So the first thing I have to do is to stop feeling disappointed when another friend of mine telling me that he is working in ibanking (just happened 5 mins ago and he is working in brazil atm. god damn ibanking everywhere, maybe i should go back to china and ibank!), second is to feel content and really work hard, third is to use my limited financial reward wisely.

Finally this chapter is over and a new one is going to start so you guys don't have to listen to my endless, monotoned, and boring rant over recruiting anymore. So i will replace that with same endless, monotoned, and boring rant over work hahaha. this one will probably last a long time! lol Just kidding! But I wonder if this is a new beginning for me to a billion dollar fortune, or this is a new beginning to a normal life that will eventually dies out in mediocracy. I am sure it is the 1st one! hahaha.


I went to a birthday thing yesterday. It was nice but kinda lame at the same time. Food was ok. The friend that I went with pretty stayed with me the whole time since I didn't know anyone except for the person who invited us and we didn't really feel like to meet anyone either... let's just say they weren't our crowd. They had a small pool. Despite its size, it looked mighty tempting under the sun. But instead of jumping in without a swimsuit and make myself a fool, we just played "watch the water balloon" game we invited. A couple exploded over my head and we got wet regardless.

Afterward we went to see Bourne Ultimatum. I loved it! The fighting sequences were well designed shot and definitely thrilling to watch. I think people are too tired of explosions and gun shots and are really into this hand to hand, melee style hard combat. Though you think Jason Bourne should have been dead plenty times through all that explosion, collision and shots and it is a bit cheesy that he seemed to be indestructible. But it is a great movie if you can overlook that little problem! I highly recommend it! Go see it boys!

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okies said...

yeh i think its a new era in your career but thats all cause you still have your friends and ppl you see everyday...but career wise is very competitive its era hard t get what you want straight away without connections...but working your way up i guess is pretty normal...but its a great company?( wouldnt know not from America)^^

sounds like a fun party getting wet and all :P but i guess that was the highlight of the day ^^

i havent seen the Bourne Ultimatum maybe it isnt out here it a new release there? but i guest i will watch it cause i seen the first 2.hope its as good as you say ^^
your life isnt boring ^^