Thursday, August 31, 2006

Painful distractions are better?

When I was little, I always thought that friendship is the most wonderful thing in the world. It is pure, simple, and extremely comforting in all circumstances. Back in elementary school, every fall semester was like a rebirth, and my old friends were there to ease me in this new old environment, and reduce some of the birth shocks. lol. ah... good times.

But things are much more complicated when people grow up which doesn't make sense. People are so busy as it is: work, social life, professional life outside of work, relationships, and family, etc. These are the inevitables. Friendship should be like a haven where people can finally be a bit silly, careless, and true to everyone. The last thing I would imagine is to have drama and complications in friendships. But I guess people need a different kind of pain, or complication rather, to subside other complications. It is funny because this reminds me of how doctor gave me shots on my ass when I was little. They would slap one buttcheek while they firmly insert the needle into the other one. Because of the initiate shock of being slapped on the ass, and the pain distracted me from feeling the searing pain of the needle. And when I finally calmed down, the needle pain was no longer so bad to begin with.

It works, and I guess this technique is not from an experienced doctor's medical trick book, but rather, a human nature. When everything is throwing at a person, stuff like work, social life, professional life, and family etc, we need something stronger to distract us. Drama, pain, and complication is probably the best. Despite I am really an optimistic person, comedy is not a good distraction for real problems. You see, people laugh, the harder they laugh, the harder it hits them when the laughter is gone...

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