Thursday, August 24, 2006


I have been reading some of the blogs out there. I used to read them and then make fun of those who blog. I laugh, not because other people's life stories are funny, but because IMO blogging is such an ironic product. People walk away from those who love and care about them, and turn to Internet and share their life stories with strangers who don't really give a crap. At least that is how I used to think about blogging. But recently, I think blogging is very necessary, it is such a healthy outlet. I can rant, confide, and even confess at this anonymous space where no one sees, listens, or cares about whatever that I am gonna write about. I should have turned to blogging a long time ago. After all, people disappoint, an empty space does not.

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firstimpre55ion said...

Hey Hamilton!

Just caught your blog from JP of Overnight in New York! Just thought I'd throw out a line and I plan on reading through your blog soon! My best friend's sister (who know's i'm Bi) goes to USC too (she just started). Thought I'd say Hi for now cause we're both in the same area (LA/Valley)! Take care for now! :)