Wednesday, July 08, 2009

For the first time I think Bill O'Reily has a point


IT is about Michael Jackson.

He is pondering how and why upon death, a tragic and pathetic way of dying - possible drug overdose, he suddenly was hailed as a hero. The African American community latched on, hailed him on a stature equivalent to a modern civil movement leader.

All I feel for Michael, at least if I were him, would be anger. Where were these mother fuckers when he was in some deep shit. The media practically used him as an easy joke. It is funny that someone achieved so much and yet suffered as much. The mass public likes to see some sort of "justice" over successful people.

The mentality of
"Oh yeah you are rich, famous, powerful and talent alright, but look! you have weird peter pan syndrome and an obsession of plastic surgeries, yes there is god, don't be too happy because you aint better than me. " I think it is absolutely sickening. I wondered where Al Sharpton was when the civil movement hero was in deep trouble. Oh yeah he was actually there, and defending Michael yet again on racial basis. I wonder why didn't have the balls and courage to hail him as the civil rights entertainer and argue the child molestation based on Michael's own abused childhood. Where was the compassion then? Instead he was like reading off a TelePrompTer saying Michael is targeted because he was famous and black. This country needs dialogue and humanity on a daily basis. Not just when tragedy struck.

Bill O Reily's ponder has a basis though I am sure he and I have drastically different conclusions of this situation but he does have that basis. I don't get it either, why don't we cherish something that is valuable or someone who you really do care as much as you claim when the object is still in existence and that person is still alive. Why do we always pay tribute to the dead much much more than the respect the living who deserves. Why is it so backward?

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