Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I didn't get to see the gays

I was really motivated to get myself out there to meet more gay people before this semester started. So I did some research online. To my disappointment, the gay organization's websites are far less attractive and organized as the mainstream organizations such as fraternities and academic student bodies. I got really frustrated toward the end so I just used facebook to message a guy who seemed to be very involved with all the gays and held official positions in one of the gay organizations.

His name was Grant. He replied me very quickly and that kinda surprised me a little. We messaged each other a bit and then he told me that they (their group is called U-rap) held meetings every Monday and I should join them. So I did. Embarrassing enough though, the place of the meeting had many rooms and our campus singing group Reverse Omasis also held an audition in that building. I walked in the audition room. Bunch people looked up. I really didn't get the gay vibe from any of them. So being as cautious as I could, I asked "is there a Grant here?" instead of asking "is this the gay meeting here" as I originally planned. Thank god I had some final thoughts. Imagine HOW EMBARRASSING that would have been. Way to not to come out!! I had my version of American Idol scare. I could swear that those people did not think I could sing a bit. haha.

Eventually I found the room and I met some interesting characters. Yes they were gay alright. One of them, Steven, was triple majoring and involved with the gay activities plus his gay-friendly fraternity. God I love over achievers. Even though I feel kinda small and insiginificant around these people who are taking on 10 jobs plus aiming for Nobel prices, I still really like them. Anyways, that night, the topic was "LA gay culture, is it bitchy?" Hm gay enough of a topic I thought. I actually had a lot to say about this but when I started to talk I felt very insufficient on all my points. These people were very experienced. One of the Asian kid was kinda fem and would NOT stfu. Steven the handsome over achiever was clearly more of a leader in the situation and made everyone focus. Regardless of their characters, one thing in common for all of them was that they all had their full-on exposure to gay scenes for many many years. I was exposed to it for like 4 months. But I believe I made some good gay points. hehe.

After I went home that day I felt pretty good. I felt that I was going to the right direction. Last Thursday I received an email from U-rap. They were planning to see a Dream Girls as a group today. Of course I signed up to go. I was all excited and ready till last night I started my messed up Corporate Tax Project. I obviously had no chance of completing this shit had I gone to the movies with them. Besides I have training at the gym with Peter tomorrow at 10:00am. As hard as it was, I called one of the people from that group and told her that I couldn't make it. I really wanted to go though!... She never called me back or texted me back or anything. Kinda apethetic which is kinda disappointing. But oh well, I still have to finish this research thing. Damn....

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