Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Have you or would you ever blatantly asked a random guy out before you know for sure he is gay?

I am sure there are people like that out there and unfortunately I know I ain't one of them.

I went to Gypise Cafe again with Hester today. I saw this really good looking UCLA student sitting there alone. He was smoking his Hookah eating his food and very focused on his Apple laptop. He never stopped typing stuff. The only break he would take was to sucking the smoke from the bong or to eat his food. He had some scruffy looking beard, which looked hot and cuddly. Very nice face feature. I couldn't stop looking. He never for once looked up to checkout anyone or anything around him. He just stared that stupid laptop and never stopped typing.

Now, I thought, if I have balls, I would just walk up to him and say "hey dude, my name is xxxx, and I couldn't stop noticing you, would you like to grab coffee sometimes?" There are four possible outcomes:
1. I would love to.
2. Sorry I have a boyfriend
3. Sorry man, I am not gay.
4. Punch me in the face.

Ok that is 25% succeeding chance without the consideration of all other add-in factors such as me being attractive enough for him or if there would be any chemistry. So the slim 25% just got pummeled down to like single digit %. On top of the small success rate I might get punched.

It just made me thinking. Would people really just go at it and ask people then find out if they are gay or not and if they are interested or not at the same time? I just think it is too many rejections at once if it fails which is kinda high. Maybe my gaydar hasn't been fully developed. Hester told me that his voice was very soft and that was her version of gay vibe. I dismissed that. But I kinda wanted to figure it out.

Wish that everyone were just stamped with "gay" "straight" "bi" on their foreheads. beh...


Tim in Italy said...

I think there's usually some indication, no matter how scant. A look, a nod, something. So much can pass in a glance.

As to your options, I'd add one more: Jumping up, pointing and yelling FAG! FAG! to everyone who will listen.

Yeah. My nightmare.

Ad0nis said...

i usually wait for some eye contact. it tells more than just approaching him coz he's hot.

if he plays with me, then i'll probablly star talkin and see whether the conversation goes. if nothing is defined, i would ask him to grab something to eat o a coffee right now, totally caually, not string of gayness atached


Guy From Chicago said...

Eye contact is always a good indication...body language in general actually.