Saturday, October 28, 2006


I haven't written much at all. Being lazy again. A lot of stuff is going on, it is hard to write them all down. Two weeks ago, Hester, Michelle and I went to IHOP around 3:00am in the morning on Sunday. We were ordering breakfast. Hester wanted a combo from the senior menu. Of course, she is not a senior and cannot order that combo. But I thought that should be fine, just order the combo at a regular price. That moment reminded a commercial on the radio. I heard this commercial several times on KIISFM. Here is how the story went: a guy went to a breakfast place and wanted two eggs with paste salsa on it, and the waitress got confused because she didn't know what that combo was on the menu. So she asked him if it were Grand Slam etc. When she didn't get the answer she wanted, she apologized for being new and asked her supervisor. The supervisor sounded fat and continued to question the guy about which combo exactly it was on the menu. Ok, the reason that I mentioned this story is because everytime I hear this commercial, I always have a stupid grin because these ladies are so dumb. I liked it because I never thought it was true. Otherwise it is just sad. However, I was wrong. When our waitress came over ask ed us what we wanted, Hester told her order. The waitress said that she cannot order sernior menu item for her. So I said that just give her the items in that combo and charge us regular price. She said that she coudlnt' because it wasn't a combo. So I said if we could just have two eggs with sausage and bacon, and she asked me which combo it was. I was just dumbfound because I really cannot believe people are actually like this in real life. Don't want to be mean or anything, but I really didn't feel bad anymore for her even she had to work at this crappy restaurant in this godforsaken hour....

People are interesting

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