Saturday, December 16, 2006

A rainy Saturday night

Finally it started to rain again. This winter has been pretty weird. Yeah I think they are right, the world is gonna end due to global warming. Anyway, feel stupid for not writing since there is a lot of stuff going on.

Tonight, I am going clubbing at LAX. This time I should be able to get in there. I just can't believe how unfortunate in the past when I tried to get in there. This place reminded me of KiKi. I couldn't get in for 3 times because of her.

Darn. This is funny, I am reediting my post as I am writing it. Change of plan, our promoter friend is not going anymore because he is sick and his cousin who supposed to go with us also bailed. So I guess LAX is never meant to be!! But Hester and I are still going out to Grand Lux Cafe in Beverly Center to surprise Michele.

But yeah... last night I had a weird dream. I dreamed of Kiki, and it was incredibly sad and sweet in the dream. And when I woke up, I didn't want it to end. What is going on? Is it possible that I am missing her? This is messed up. It was such a pain to hang out with her and it was clearly enough for me. But we hanged out for 6 months, and there were a lot of mindless fun. I guess it is still hard to banish a person completely. I guess the reason I had this dream is because I am trying to plan a trip with Hester to Europe and KiKi would probably come too and I am concerned how we are going to work this out. Bah... I dont know. This is just weird.

I just got off the phone with TJ, a fellow intern at Disney. He is not particularly good looking or strikingly cute. But IMO he is very down to earth and cute in his own way. Well, actually my taste is pretty weird. Most of the white guys are pretty cute for me hahaha. Yeah I guess he is good looking and I would definitely fool around with him if he wanted to. He lives in Huntington Beach. Beach cities are fascinating because I always think that I was supposed to be born in a beach city. I would become a surfer for sure. So I guess because of this conjured version of my destiny always make me feel pretty keen around beach people. I would probably go to his place next week or smething to just chill. Too bad he isn't gay. And talking about not being gay, an executive's assistant is smoking hot and is 90% straight too. His name is Wayne and probaly around mid 40. He got this sexy short hair which is half grey on his well structure head. His body is superb. It is buff, defined, and proportionate. It is just at the right proportion that it is not overwhelming or easy to overlook. He has a beautiful smile and has a very good manner and his body language is exuburantly confident. He is much older than I am but he is so attractive to me. I am already a sucker for beautiful older guys and he is just a very nicely built older guy. He already has at least one child and has been to the Navy for 20 years. So I guess the chance of him being gay is very very slim... Oh man.. why the good ones are all freaking straight. But I am not gonna let him slip without at least trying. I have a luncheon with him next Weds. We will see how it goes from there.

Bah change of plan again, I guess we are going to clubbing afterall. Hester called the guy who bailed in the beginning and telling him that we weren't going to clubbing anymore. I guess he thought that his decision affected our plan so he decided to go again. Also, he is bringing his friends too. I dont really know them, so hopefully it is gonna be fun. About this guy... His name is Tommy and I heard that his family owns a prominant supermarket chain in Los Angeles. I know this market and my parents shop there all the time. It is a very big chain and I don't know if it is true that they own it. But he is very wealthly regardless. Thursday we went to Grand Lux Cafe, and he was gonna drive his Bentley...

Anyway, I've ranted aimless enough for one night. Going out soon...

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